Sewer & Water

Client: Sydney Water

Budget: $1.8m

Construct new inlet works for Riverstone STP.

Client:  CLM.

Budget:   $350k

Construct pump building, control room, Tank footing
Scope includes:
FRP, erect pre-cast panels, Above-ground pipework and fittings, 30m. dia tank footing.

Client: Sydney Water

Budget: $1.1m

Bulk & detail excavation.
Supply & install pre-cast pump station
Associated concrete structures

Client: Sydney Water, CLM.

Budget: $350k

Construct 9m. dia wet-well, valve pit, various man-holes..
Scope includes:
FRP concrete structures, conduit installation.

Client: Sydney Water, Diona.

Budget: $800k

Sewage pump station to service expanding housing developments in Oran Park area.
Scope includes:
Construct Wet-well, IMH, Valve chamber and other associated structures.
Installation of pipework, drainage lines, conduits.

Client: ABI Group.

Budget: $250k

Scope includes:
Detailed excavation, FRP of concrete structure, installation of pipes, valves and fittings, commissioning.

Client: Hunter Water, Diona.

Budget: $600k

Construct 7m dia. caisson wet-well, valve chamber, misc. structures.
Scope includes:
Detailed excavation, in-ground pipework, FRP concrete structures, conduit installation.

Client: Sydney Water, John Holland..

Budget: $1.3m

2no. Acid phase digesters, 1no. Gas phase digester, Control Building, Bunds.
Scope includes:
Detailed excavation, inground pipework, Formwork design & installation, Scaffold, Steel and Pouring.


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