Client: Transgrid, Zinfra

Budget: $1.8m

The substation is a bulk supply point for both Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy who supply electricity to homes and businesses in the area. The secondary systems that help to manage the flow of electricity within the substation have been identified as coming to the end of their serviceable life and require replacement.

The replacement of the secondary systems will ensure a reliable supply of electricity to the Sydney Metropolitan Area into the future; and ensure that the substation is maintained to a safe and serviceable condition. This project will also meet compliance requirements with the National Electricity Rules and the Australian Energy Market Operator's standard for Power Systems Data Communications.

Scope included:

  • Excavation, FRP cable trenches.
  • Excavation, FRP 6no. SSB Building slabs
  • 1500m2 parking lot.
  • Drainage lines & pits, Oil lines & pits.
  • Conduit installation.


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